Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jom Pizzaazz...

My first attempt to make my own pizza, Home Made Pizza. Following tulip77 @ MyResipi recipe, this is the outcome! Not bad at all. I made it bit thick, so it's not crispy. My daughter said the taste is same as at Pizza Hut. Adik keep saying "Mak, sedap!!". I fell very proud!! Hubby said, next time no more Pizza Hut, just order from me. My second's son birthday just around the corner... January 3rd. So they ask me to bake and deco the birthday cake by myself (since I already learn how to deco the cake...) as well as to prepare the pizza agian. Wait and see lah....!

For pizza sauce, I didn't put tomatoes coz I don't have stock!!! Then for topping, I just put apa yang ada dalam petiais - got some chicken meat, button mushroom, pineapple, prawn dan blackpepper sausage. Dan utk cheese nya, saya beli jer mozarella yang dah siap diparut tu...!

Yang ini dah dimasukkan ke dalam oven. Lupa lak nak snap gambar sebelum dimasukkan...

3/8 bahagian dah hilang!

This is my portion!!!

Sekali adap jer dah abis! Nasib baik sempat simpan one portion untuk hubby. Nest time buat kena gelek nipis sikit lagi. Boleh dapat besar lagi...hehehe!

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